Maastricht Aging Study

on the determinants of adult cognitive development


The Pink Book (1995) included an introduction to the rationale and methods used in the Maastricht Aging Study. The first three chapters are available for download. For a more detailed description of the design, the number of available participants at follow-up, type of assessments and further info, please refer to the website of the Integrative Analysis of Longitudinal Studies of Ageing (IALSA).


This data diagram provides an overview of all tests and questionnaires that were administered at any time point during the data collection of MAAS (latest version: 7-3-2019, which includes the assessments for the ongoing AxF5 follow-up assessment after 25 years (2019-2021)).

Zip-archive that contains basic demographical information (age, age category, sex, educational level) of all 1,869 participants at the baseline screening -- in Excel ".xclx" and SPSS/PASW ".sav" format.

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MAAS  is a longitudinal study into the determinants

of cognitive aging. It has been ongoing  since 1991.

A new measurement has started  in September 2019.